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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wild hairs and Apple Beers

Today was my first run outside since October.  My plan was to run at the gym and use the 5k setting on the treadmill.  I was kinda dreading it even though I know that I need some practice before my official race on Saturday.  I happened to look out side and since it was so sunny that I got a wild hair decided to give it a shot.  I'm so glad that I did.  I dressed appropriately and for the most part the sidewalks were clear.  I chose to run in the neighborhood next to mine since the streets were clear, its fairly even terrain, and there's very little traffic. 

Overall I had a great run.  I was working hard but I also didn't feel like I was struggling.  I ran a little slower than I do on the treadmill but it seemed SO much easier since I was GOING somewhere.  I was also running pretty blindly because I couldn't see my phone and the running app really well.  I was shocked when I stopped for a short walk break and had already gone 1.61 miles.  I felt like I had only gone about a mile.  I went a little further and then decided to head back to my apt.  I stopped right at 3.15 miles.  I wasn't exhausted but still felt that I had worked hard. 

I used the Nike running app (this was the first time for that too) and although I'd really like to post a picture of my route I'm having trouble getting a screen shot.  I liked how it showed the levels of intensity throughout my route.  I could see when I was pushing myself and when I was taking a short walk break. 

My favorite part was the accomplishments that were recorded at the end.  They were: 
  • Farthest Run 3.15 Mi
  • Longest Run 43:27
  • Fastest 1K 7:45 (WOAH!)
  • Fastest Mile 12:37 (WOAH AGAIN!)
  • Fastest 5K 41:37
I'm really proud of the 1K pave and the mile pace.  Even though it was the first long run, I can't wait to continue to improve.  It also gives me a really good idea of my times for Saturday's race.

Now I'm undoing all my hard work enjoying a Shock Top Honey Crisp Apple Ale  and waiting for my husband to come home for dinner.  I wish I would have done more blogging on my vacation but lets face it, I was lazy.   Hopefully I catch up on my photo-a-day before the end of the month.

Happy Running,
Mrs B.

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