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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paleo Pancakes

I've been a little bored with my breakfast lately.  So last night, while parusing on pinterest, I found a recipe for paleo pancakes.   They looked simple and easy but I could not believe that just two eggs and a banana could turn into a pancake.  With some tips from the fit camp girls,  I set out to make this creation.  
2 eggs (i only used one yolk) 
Banana-mashed to smitherines (sp???)
Almond Extract (i grabbed this by accident instead of vanilla)

I used my mixer to beat the egg mixture.  The batter was very thin and almost crepe-like.  I also forgot about the extract until about halfway through.

The recipe made 8 silver dollar size pancakes.  I liked the ones with the extract the best.  The almond really rounds out the flavor of the banana.  They are definitely eggy, almost like an omelet but really sweet.  Next time I may use just a tsp of gluten free waffle mix or rice flour to bind them up a bit.  

In other news,  I finished week 8 of c25k yesterday.  I was having a hard time finishing during week 7.  I realized that I should probably slow down a little.  I went from a 4.8 back to 4.5 (i run on the treadmill) and it made a huge difference.  Im no where close to running a 5k in 30 minutes but at this point im focusing more on endurance than speed and distance.  I know both of those things will come with time. 
I also joined another gym.  This one is close to home and the other one is close to work.  The new one offers group fitness classes.  I cant wait to start cycling and dancing (ZUMBA!) again.

Happy Running!

Mrs. B.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo a Day January 21st

January 21st-What I do.  I fold laundry.  If Im not merchandising shoes, clothes and accessories at work, im folding clothes at home. 

Jan 22nd: Decor in my favorite corner of the apartment. Jan 23rd: Eating my lunch by the electric fireplace at panera Jan 24th: Stripes: my tiger striped tabbys chillin on my lap.
Jan 25th: Together: Snuggling while watching a movie. Jan 26th: Sunlight: the beautiful beams shining through my blinds.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo a day

I decided to do this once a week.  One post a day may be excessive.  I also mixed up the 14th and the 15th.

Jan 15: My day in yellow.  Some shoes I have my eye on, coffee cup, last night's mess, and breakfast.

Jan 16:  Two.  I spent the evening trying to bribe the cats into taking a picture together.  Yeah...didn't work.  I settled for this one.  I stare into these eyes daily.  They dont always pass such judgement.

Jan 17th:  missed my opportunity today....

Jan 18th:  Shadow while walking the dog on a chilly, icy morning. 

Jan 19:My #delicious dinner at Hibachi Grill. Jan 20th: "some thing I saw" I felt a lot of pressure from this prompt, as if I had to see something significant. I was tempted to run to Walmart to see if I could find a mullet or someone dressed in innapropriate attire but lets be honest, im lazy. Im trying to limit myself to one picture a week of the pets and everything else seems so ordinary. I settled for my evening's view. The hubs watching football. Nothing spectacular but I see this all the time in January!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo A Day-An Ordinary Moment

I've decided to join the photo challenge.  Considering this is a fitness blog,  most photos will be fitness related, but not always.  I will occasionally post to instagram but in order to avoid photo bombing my friends and family.  I will post the photo to the blog daily.  I was hesitant to start because im about two weeks behind but I think late is better than never.  Maybe I'll go back and throw in a few extras as I have time.  Hopefully I can fill an album at the end of the year. 

Today's photo:  An Ordinary Moment

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holiday Recap

Edit: This post is totally disjointed and goes around in circles. Please bear with me.

I'm sure most of you are totally over the Holidays by now, but bear with me.  I've been without internet at home for a while because fur baby #3 chewed up our cable modem's power chord.  So, I've had a lot of time to reflect upon how successful I was this joyous Holiday season.  

I started out December with a bang.  I made a lot of "mistakes" throughout the two weeks following Thanksgiving that I was determined to not to repeat for Christmas.  I started with the squat and plank challenges that were posted at ML Fit Camp.  These were great because I really felt like they were helping me become a better runner.  I was also determined to start cutting sugar out of my diet.  I lost about 4 pounds in one week because of the choices I was making. However, I don't think that a no-sugar diet is for me yet.  I just don't like vegetables enough.  I end up eating whole grains and fruit to compensate.  These are necessarily bad, but do contain more sugar than fresh veggies would.  I really only like peas, carrots and corn so I can't go really far with that.  I have started sneaking zucchini into a couple meals a week though and intend to find more ways to get vegetables into my diet. 

I did well until the week of the 2nd annual cookie exchange with my BFF's.  I was making cookies all week and sampling dough and batter.  Then I went to the cookie exchange and had samples of everyone else's cookies to take home.  From there on out, I was effed.  I stopped logging my calories (my BIGGEST accountability tool) and stopping going to the gym.  It was the week of Christmas and I was WORN OUT from the holiday season at work.  I felt like I was going to kill someone for about 2 weeks straight.  

I am really proud of the decisions I made during holiday meals though.  We had three family get-together's between my family and my husband's family.  I ate what I wanted, but I still kept my portions reasonable.  I was still able to walk around after the meal, I didn't have to unbutton my pants or feel sick to my stomach.  My biggest mistakes were the amount of desert type items that I ate.  My grandma makes some killer Pecan pie, my husband made Creme Brulee and my mom makes awesome Christmas cookies. 

The few weeks following Christmas were really the hardest.  Alex and I ate out a lot and I didn't go to the gym.  I still wasn't tracking Calories either.  But I went to the store, bought lots of produce and...

pause...I can't think straight....I'm at Starbucks right now and one of my good friends just walked in the door randomly.  I haven't seen him in about two years so we just spent the last 30 minutes catching up over a cup of coffee. *Happy Girl*

Anyway, healthy groceries, new workout clothes, easing myself back into the gym and some determination have gotten me  though the last week.  I am heading to the gym to run W7D3 and try out the fitbit. 

Before I go:

Holiday Sucesses:
  • I gave away the rest of my cookies from the exchange.  I shared them at work rather than leaving them in my kitchen for me and me alone to eat.
  • I was always very well aware of what I was eating.  I may not have made great choices 100% of the time but I didn't eat mindlessly.
  • Not having the internet gave me some time to focus on fitness rather than browsing Pinterest for four hours on my days off.
  • I asked Santa to hold back on the candy for my stocking.  I received Nuts and whole grain snack bars instead.  Emerald cocoa roasted almonds are FANTASTIC!  
  • Stayed in the Last Loser Challenge for two rounds.
Holiday Failures:
  • Too much sampling while baking cookies sent me over the edge.
  • No Excercise
  • Too much wine
  • No internet and a shitty data package for my phone limited the amount of time I was able to get online for support from my fit camp pals and look up healthy recipes
  •  I still ate some of Alex's candy.
  • Didn't finish the squat/plank challenge
Mom and Dad making Christmas Dinner

My Christmas Day outfit

I can't get my phone to sync my photos now, so I guess sneaky vegetable meal pics will have to wait.

Happy Running!
Mrs. B