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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paleo Pancakes

I've been a little bored with my breakfast lately.  So last night, while parusing on pinterest, I found a recipe for paleo pancakes.   They looked simple and easy but I could not believe that just two eggs and a banana could turn into a pancake.  With some tips from the fit camp girls,  I set out to make this creation.  
2 eggs (i only used one yolk) 
Banana-mashed to smitherines (sp???)
Almond Extract (i grabbed this by accident instead of vanilla)

I used my mixer to beat the egg mixture.  The batter was very thin and almost crepe-like.  I also forgot about the extract until about halfway through.

The recipe made 8 silver dollar size pancakes.  I liked the ones with the extract the best.  The almond really rounds out the flavor of the banana.  They are definitely eggy, almost like an omelet but really sweet.  Next time I may use just a tsp of gluten free waffle mix or rice flour to bind them up a bit.  

In other news,  I finished week 8 of c25k yesterday.  I was having a hard time finishing during week 7.  I realized that I should probably slow down a little.  I went from a 4.8 back to 4.5 (i run on the treadmill) and it made a huge difference.  Im no where close to running a 5k in 30 minutes but at this point im focusing more on endurance than speed and distance.  I know both of those things will come with time. 
I also joined another gym.  This one is close to home and the other one is close to work.  The new one offers group fitness classes.  I cant wait to start cycling and dancing (ZUMBA!) again.

Happy Running!

Mrs. B.

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