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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free Fallin'

So guess what I did right after my last post?!  I ran 12 miles at once and I've already met my goal  I wish.  I motivated myself with those promises, determined to make sure they weren't empty ones, and went outside for a run.  It was my first one in a month and I didn't get very far.  I was chugging right along, One Direction was was reminding me how beautiful I was then, BAM!  I fell.  Hard.  I don't really even know what happened.  I thought it was a crack in the sidewalk but when I ran by the spot the other day, it looked normal.  I must have just tripped over my feet.  All I remember is falling to the ground and then rolling over onto my shoulder.  I know I caught myself with my knee and my hand because they were really scraped up.

I walked it off and kept going for about a half mile but then it was time to go home and get ready for work.  My knee was really sore all evening and began to swell but i didn't think much of it.  By Wednesday morning I had some major swelling and bruising.  The bruises went around the sides of my knee cap and then I started to form a large bruise from the bottom of my knee cap to the middle of my shin. I ended up resting until Friday and didn't run again until Sunday. 

 I googled lots of stuff about injuries from a high impact fall on my knee and diagnosed myself with a sprain/strain and a hematoma. I think I may have possibly bruised the bone too.  Don't laugh, you know you've all done it at some point.  I stuggled for about 2 days with whether I should go to the doctor because I couldn't bend my knee with out a lot of pain, but it got better and feels a little better every day.  The only pain I've been having is soreness if I sit for a long time it gets dull and achy. 

I am really determined to get 50 miles in this month.  Today I worked on some interval running.  I really like it because its always interesting.  I know my pace slows down a little but I like keeping my heart rate guessing.  I ran/walked for 45 minutes and went 3.5 miles on the treadmill.  It was really nice out but I REALLY prefer running on the treadmill.  Maybe if I find somewhere flat to run, I'll change my mind.  My neighborhood is WAY too hilly.  . 

The interval run went like this:
  • Warm-Up 5 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 4.5
  • Walk 2 min at 3.5
  • Run 8 min at 4.5
  • Walk 3 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 4.8
  • Walk 2 min at 3.5
  • Run 7 min at 4.8
  • Walk 3 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 5.0
  • Cool down 5 min at 3.0

So I kept my resting pace steady but slowly increased my running time.  I really liked how I felt after this work out so I'm going to keep trying this type of pattern for a while.  Hopefully I will increase my pace.

 I plan to run again on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully if I keep up the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday pattern, I will also keep my miles up.  There is a walking/running/biking trail right by my new office and once I figure out a good place to change my clothes I may start running there after work.  It would also be great for walking on my lunch hour. 

I haven't tracked my calories and I didn't go to body pump twice last week.  Fail.

The weekend was filled with bridal shower festivities for my friend.   I ate way too much but it was a great time.
The bridesmaids and the the Bride

Punch and Cheesecake Strawberries
Pretty flowers

I also started my new job yesterday.  Its a lot more structured than my last job (meaning I'm not able to do what I want whenever I want) so I am hoping with that structure, I will be able to practice some more discipline with food and my gym schedule.  I am also working 1.5 hours less per day, so I really have NO excuse.

Goals for this week are to keep up what I am doing and STAY disciplined!  I would really like to see 198ish next week.  I have been weighing in right at 200 or 199.8.  Thats right!!! ONEderland!!!  I really don't want to get to excited about it though until I am consistently seeing a number in the 190's.

Until next time,  "Don't be the girl who fell, be the girl who got back up" ~Jenette Stanley

Happy Running!
Mrs. B

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

50 miles in April

It's been a while....yeah, like a whole month...

Things kinda went down hill after my 5K.  Rather than wanting to accomplish more and keep going, I gave up.  I went to the gym a couple times, but I certainly haven't held myself accountable.  

Anyway, I'm back in the game today.  I have some new motivation with a friend's wedding coming up and the mini-dress that I'm wearing.  (Seriously, my husband saw it and said "where's the rest of that dress?")    It's pretty and looks good on, but I could stand to lose about 15 more lbs.  The wedding is in 6 weeks. 

I'm also starting a NEW JOB on Monday.  I'm really ready for a fresh start professionally.  The last month at my current job hasn't really helped the fitness situation.  It's made me majorly moody, tired and depressed.  That's a totally different ball game...

With a new job comes the need for new clothes.  I've really been into LOFT lately.  The clothes are very high quality and they have sales that make them affordable.  My problem is the pants, they only carry up to 14 in the store and I DO NOT order things online that I haven't tried on.  Too much anxiety there....and I hate paying for shipping.

In order to get into size 14 LOFT pants (which are really like a 16 with their "vanity sizing"   ) and a mini-dress and look good in them, I've decided to make a few fitness goals. 

  1. I'm going to run 50 miles in April.  This may not seem like a lot for some of you other runners, but since I ran 3.1 in March, I think its a pretty good goal.  That breaks down to about 12.5 miles a week.  I think I can to that.  If I run all 50 miles, I'll reward myself with $50 to buy something new.
  2. I'm going to begin tracking my food again.  Starting today.  I've really lost control in that area and I think the only way to do it is to log my calories.
  3. Since my new work schedule is 8 to 4:30, I'm going to be able to go to body pump TWICE a week.  I've been going once a week and I definitely feel the benefits the next day, but I think this is the push I need to get into ONEderland.
This mornings weigh in: 

I'm SO close!!!


I'm pretty happy with this considering the lack of self control I've had over the last month...

 With a little (No, A LOT) of self control, I think know I can do it.

Happy Running!
Mrs. B