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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free Fallin'

So guess what I did right after my last post?!  I ran 12 miles at once and I've already met my goal  I wish.  I motivated myself with those promises, determined to make sure they weren't empty ones, and went outside for a run.  It was my first one in a month and I didn't get very far.  I was chugging right along, One Direction was was reminding me how beautiful I was then, BAM!  I fell.  Hard.  I don't really even know what happened.  I thought it was a crack in the sidewalk but when I ran by the spot the other day, it looked normal.  I must have just tripped over my feet.  All I remember is falling to the ground and then rolling over onto my shoulder.  I know I caught myself with my knee and my hand because they were really scraped up.

I walked it off and kept going for about a half mile but then it was time to go home and get ready for work.  My knee was really sore all evening and began to swell but i didn't think much of it.  By Wednesday morning I had some major swelling and bruising.  The bruises went around the sides of my knee cap and then I started to form a large bruise from the bottom of my knee cap to the middle of my shin. I ended up resting until Friday and didn't run again until Sunday. 

 I googled lots of stuff about injuries from a high impact fall on my knee and diagnosed myself with a sprain/strain and a hematoma. I think I may have possibly bruised the bone too.  Don't laugh, you know you've all done it at some point.  I stuggled for about 2 days with whether I should go to the doctor because I couldn't bend my knee with out a lot of pain, but it got better and feels a little better every day.  The only pain I've been having is soreness if I sit for a long time it gets dull and achy. 

I am really determined to get 50 miles in this month.  Today I worked on some interval running.  I really like it because its always interesting.  I know my pace slows down a little but I like keeping my heart rate guessing.  I ran/walked for 45 minutes and went 3.5 miles on the treadmill.  It was really nice out but I REALLY prefer running on the treadmill.  Maybe if I find somewhere flat to run, I'll change my mind.  My neighborhood is WAY too hilly.  . 

The interval run went like this:
  • Warm-Up 5 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 4.5
  • Walk 2 min at 3.5
  • Run 8 min at 4.5
  • Walk 3 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 4.8
  • Walk 2 min at 3.5
  • Run 7 min at 4.8
  • Walk 3 min at 3.5
  • Run 5 min at 5.0
  • Cool down 5 min at 3.0

So I kept my resting pace steady but slowly increased my running time.  I really liked how I felt after this work out so I'm going to keep trying this type of pattern for a while.  Hopefully I will increase my pace.

 I plan to run again on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully if I keep up the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday pattern, I will also keep my miles up.  There is a walking/running/biking trail right by my new office and once I figure out a good place to change my clothes I may start running there after work.  It would also be great for walking on my lunch hour. 

I haven't tracked my calories and I didn't go to body pump twice last week.  Fail.

The weekend was filled with bridal shower festivities for my friend.   I ate way too much but it was a great time.
The bridesmaids and the the Bride

Punch and Cheesecake Strawberries
Pretty flowers

I also started my new job yesterday.  Its a lot more structured than my last job (meaning I'm not able to do what I want whenever I want) so I am hoping with that structure, I will be able to practice some more discipline with food and my gym schedule.  I am also working 1.5 hours less per day, so I really have NO excuse.

Goals for this week are to keep up what I am doing and STAY disciplined!  I would really like to see 198ish next week.  I have been weighing in right at 200 or 199.8.  Thats right!!! ONEderland!!!  I really don't want to get to excited about it though until I am consistently seeing a number in the 190's.

Until next time,  "Don't be the girl who fell, be the girl who got back up" ~Jenette Stanley

Happy Running!
Mrs. B

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