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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fur Babies

Sorry...I can't figure out how to get them to turn right side up.  Feel free to tell me how in a comment.  I uploaded these from my phone.

Bootsie the Cat

Brandy J.

Buttons the Kitten

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

and it's time to tell the ugly truth.  I have been avoiding my blog for almost two weeks now. 

The ugly truth is that I've gained back 2.8 pounds, I've spent a week and a half shoveling crap into my mouth and I'm a week and a half behind on C25K.

I thought I'd said all the right things, I was only going to have one plate of thanksgiving food, I was going to go easy on the appetizers  and choose one desert per family meal.  I did okay on Thanksgiving except for the appetizer part.  Then came the night of drinking with friends and Black Friday at work with all the yummy things that my co-workers made.  Then came a LONG weekend at work with super easy access to fast food.  Then came a new work week with added stress and frazzled nerves.

I've been battling with my emotions over food and exercise for nearly two weeks.  When I'm stressed I don't go to the gym because I feel like I just want to go home and sleep.  I also eat my feelings and avoid healthy food because in the moment fast food feels so much better.  The truth is that I have no self control.  The truth is that going to the gym and eating the right foods and portions make me feel like a million bucks, but its a self perpetuating cycle.  I'm having a difficult time getting out of this one.

Its time to channel my inner Nike Bitch and JUST. DO. IT. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a miracle!

SO...I got a little off schedule this week.  Sorry folks.  I'm sure you were all waiting and worrying about my next blog.  I had to work on Tuesday so I decided to wait until today to write.  I did weigh myself on Tuesday and I was down to 207.  Then today just for s&g's I weighed myself again.  206.  WHAT?!?!  I'll take it.  Especially after last night's McDonald's and wine extravaganza.  I've had a stressfull week and was feeling sorry for myself.  I still recognize this as emotional eating but sometimes I just have to give in.

I finished week three of C25K on Sunday and I actually ran one extra workout.  On Wednesday of last week I was one minute away from finishing the run and my phone died.  This meant that it didn't record my completed workout.  So I made the best of the situation and decided to run it again.  Last Saturday was a beautiful day so I decided to run outside and I wasn't ready to finish so I just took that time to keep running and make up the workout that hadn't recorded.

I was feeling really proud and confident because I had just come home from trying on bridesmaids dresses for my friend's wedding.  I fit into a 16!!  I could not believe it.  

This is me at a wedding in Sept 2011 wearing an 18 and busting out of it.  I got up to a 24 in jeans shortly after that.

And at my wedding in Oct 2010 wearing a 16W:

I also experienced a lot of pain last week.  Maybe I pushed myself a little too hard but I was feeling a lot of weakness and soreness in my hips, ankles and knees.  I was also a little worried about shin splints because I barely made it through workout 3 without crying.  I tried to do some strength training (30DS day 1)  afterwards and almost fell to the floor with my first jumping jack.   This was disappointing because I try so hard to work though the pain but this wasn't a good workout pain.  This was my body telling me to STOP.  I'm very prideful, so I hated to give up.  I went to the store immediately and bought some Osteo Bi-Flex.  My dad takes it and says that it really helps his knees, so I figured I would give it a shot.

On Wednesday of this week I ran Week 4 Day One.  It was two cycles of 3min run 1.5walk 5min run 2.5 walk.  I was dreading the 5 minutes especially because the pain started to come back as soon as I was running.   I kept going though and it went away.   I'm figuring out that the longer I keep running, the easier it gets.  The motions just start to feel really natural.  My form is probably terrible, I can barely lift my legs and I go really slow, but I'm moving so that's what counts.

Today I will be trying another detox water.  Cucumber, Lemon and Mint.  I liked the apple one but it was a little too sweet for me.  I drank and entire bottle of wine last night while feeling sorry for my self about having a stressful week.  I still struggle with knowing that thats probably a bad thing, but in a way I feel like its an accomplishment.  hehe...

Today is also the "bake-off" at work.  I work with some very competitive people and any kind of contest, especially centered around food means there's going to be a lot of yummy stuff just feet away from my "office."  I was really whiny about having today off instead of Tuesday, but now I know that it was a good thing that I won't be there.  Just fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains for me today folks.  I have been considering cutting out white sugar and flour for the month of January and just like 30DS I'm preparing myself now for what it might take.  Getting used to drinking my coffee black might be the biggest step towards preparation. 

My goal this week is to finish week 4 and add in one day of strength training.  I would also like to see 205 on the scale next Tuesday. My mom gave me some jeans that didn't fit my sister that are all size 16's.  I would like to fit into those since all of my other pants are FALLING OFF.  After reading another blog today I was reminded that its not always the number on the scale that counts but how I feel about my accomplishments.  I feel good. 

Happy Running!

Mrs B.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I hate thinking of creative titles.

I'm gonna make this one a short one today.  Although I'm happy with my results from this morning's weight in, I'm not happy with the way I ate or exercised.  I weighed in at 208.5.  That means I lost 1.7 pounds this week.

I did complete week two of C25K.  It was a little harder this week.  I have been having some pain on the right side of my left ankle.  I'm trying not to push too hard because I don't want to injure myself and not be able to complete the program in 9 weeks.  My favorite workout was week 2 day 2.  I warmed up for 10 minutes on the elliptical before the run and cooled down for 10 minutes after the run.  It was my favorite because it got my heart rate going and made getting started on the running part a lot easier.  Although I've really enjoyed seeing my results from running outside, I enjoyed running in the gym so much more.  (I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT!)  I used to love walking outside but I think I push myself harder when I go to the gym.

Sunday's run was a lot harder.  My legs were heavy and I just wanted to give up.  I completed the run but took the 5 minute cool down period to stretch.  My legs hurt so bad.  All I could think about while I was running was a quote I've seen on pinterest.

"Your legs are not giving out, your head is giving up.  Keep going."

This was my mantra last week.

I also have not been doing that 4th workout that I promised on week one.  Time to (wo)man up.  If I want to be ready for Jillian in January, I better start doing to weights.  This just occured to me too, I'm glad I'll be doing Jillian when the gym will be filled with new comers trying to get in their New Year's goals.  Good for them, but I like my space and my favorite machines to myself.

So, food goals for this week...
1.  Go to the grocery store right away and get good stuff for the week so that I don't eat out for every meal.
2.  Stay away from pinterest so that I don't make this again:

It really was delicious, but my husband doesn't really eat sweets, so he only ate one piece and left the rest for me.

Probably going to start week 3 tomorrow.

Happy Running!