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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

and it's time to tell the ugly truth.  I have been avoiding my blog for almost two weeks now. 

The ugly truth is that I've gained back 2.8 pounds, I've spent a week and a half shoveling crap into my mouth and I'm a week and a half behind on C25K.

I thought I'd said all the right things, I was only going to have one plate of thanksgiving food, I was going to go easy on the appetizers  and choose one desert per family meal.  I did okay on Thanksgiving except for the appetizer part.  Then came the night of drinking with friends and Black Friday at work with all the yummy things that my co-workers made.  Then came a LONG weekend at work with super easy access to fast food.  Then came a new work week with added stress and frazzled nerves.

I've been battling with my emotions over food and exercise for nearly two weeks.  When I'm stressed I don't go to the gym because I feel like I just want to go home and sleep.  I also eat my feelings and avoid healthy food because in the moment fast food feels so much better.  The truth is that I have no self control.  The truth is that going to the gym and eating the right foods and portions make me feel like a million bucks, but its a self perpetuating cycle.  I'm having a difficult time getting out of this one.

Its time to channel my inner Nike Bitch and JUST. DO. IT. 


  1. Same thing happened to me last week too! But I am back on track now! We can do this!!!

  2. You got this! Way to get back on track!