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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skinny Husbands and Skinny Jeans

Hey Betches!!!

It's been a long weekend.   I have a lot of squats and planks to make up tomorrow before my run.  Good thing I have the day time off!
6 more work days...

I know exactly why I'm not doing them.
1.  I'm lazy
2.  I'm f***ing tired

3.  I'm afraid my husband will make fun of me if I do it in front of him.  (AAAANND the real truth comes out)

I know that he won't because the other day he even got into a plank competition with me.  It was awesome.  He was scoffing at me while he was watching the timer.  I made it to 35 seconds (pathetic!  I just wish I could do a minute...)  and he got down on the floor all cocky and was whining by 20 SECONDS!!!  He still made it to :50 though.  I was just happy that he tried it.

Let's talk about my husband tonight.  He's thin, tall (6ft. 6in) and athletic.  He eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants, drinks beer all the time and he doesn't gain any weight.  I don't know if it will ever catch up with him.  He's a chef so usually he eats whatever he is making.  He favors French styles which means lots of cream and lots of butter.  I wish I could blame my weight gain on his cooking but I can't.  He NEVER cooks for me.

He is an avid golfer, fisherman and used to play baseball. Not to brag but the golf and baseball aren't just leisurely spots for him.  He's good.  Like could've played pro or in college (but tore his rotater cuff) good.  I'm sure that part of the reason he is a string bean is that he stays so active and is on his feet all day at work (but so am I).  He usually just snacks and eats small meals,  But when he eats, he EATS.  I'm talking an entire hamburger helper or 6 tacos or an entire lb of chicken breasts with a whole rice-a-roni.  That boy can pack it away and not gain an ounce and I hate him for it.

One lesson I've learned from him though is that he keeps a lot of weight off by staying active and eating a little bit at a time (most of the time).  He really only eats one meal a day but snacks for the rest of the day and I think that keeps his metabolism going.  Only on rare occasions does he eat large quantities but when he does, he'll just shrug and say "what?!  I was a hungry boy."  Of course, I think it's cute.

Now me:
 I always feel the best on the days where I eat about 6 small meals and I stay in control of what I eat.  I must keep reminding my self of that this week.  I thought for certain that I was going to be out after this first round of Last Loser  just because I had Pizza Hut, went out to eat a couple times, and we had Christmas cookie day at work.  But besides Friday, when  I didn't make myself keep track at all, I've stayed within my calorie limits this week.    I've lost about 1/2lb so my body better not do anything crazy between now and Tuesday.

I am almost done with week 6 of C25K (Doing Day 3 tomorrow)  and I'm really excited to start week 7.  I'm almost done!  I never thought I would say it but I'm beginning to really like running.  I think the squats and planks are also really helping me.  I'm even considering going on the the 5K to 10K program.  We'll see though, I may have to run 5K's for a few weeks first.

For your viewing pleasure:

The Sting Bean himself.
 This is one of our engagement photos from July 2010.  I am very noticeably trying to pull down my shirt and hide the rolls.  He's the sting bean and I look like a pumpkin.  I am back to about the same weight now as I was in this picture (I think...I didn't weigh myself for a while)  

The string bean and the pumpkin.  

  I may tease but I'm really proud of myself.  I wore a size 16 skinny jean today and got a lot of compliments at work.  More so because they were Teal but I felt great.

Today's outfit.

Teal Skinny's and Cognac Boots with sheer floral top.   The boots even zipped all the way up.  NO GAP!!! 

Happy Running!

Mrs. B

It took me an hour to figure out how to get this uploaded from my phone.  Someone help!  


Monday, December 10, 2012

Sugar Busting

Weighed in at 203.9 this morning.  The lowest I have been since probably before my wedding.  I didn't weigh myself for about two years just because I knew that I wouldn't like what I saw.  I didn't want to face that reality.  Anyway.... I'm happy.   A little scared too though, I signed up for Last Loser Standing so hopefully I can keep the pattern up.  I am excited for a little competition.  Normally I shy away from it, but in the game of weight loss, I think its a little refreshing.

I've been thinking about starting up some new things in January.  So, of course, I am trying to begin changing my habits now.  The first of which is cutting out added sugar and white flour from my diet.  My Aunt did this a few years ago and was very successful.  I'm not sure if I can completely cut it out because I have a fairly limited pallet when in comes to vegetables.  I'm not sure how much sugar  (if any at all) is allowed on the sugar busters diet, but I watched my sugar yesterday and kept track of my percentages on and came out for sugar in the green yesterday.  In turn my carbs were also under control. About 45% which is on the lower end of healthy.  It think I can live with that, but the only thing that bothered me was that my fiber intake was really low.  I know that could be solved with a little more vegetable intake.  That's difficult when you only like peas, carrots and corn. 

Here is the shot of my daily totals. (I had to google "how to take a screenshot" as you can see in the tabs!)

Again, I feel like its obvious that I was focusing on lowering my sugar.  Most other things suffered.  I think with increasing my intake of vegetables I could solve a lot of those red areas.  I also had a velveeta boxed dinner.  (It was awful!) which killed the sodium.  Success #1 is not putting sugar or cream in my coffee this morning.  Just a little milk.  I'm going to keep watching my sugar, I just don't do well on "diets" because I can't have what I want in moderation.  Portion control has been my bff so far.

  The other thing I want to do is 30DS.  I just don't have the space to do it.  I'm thinking about contacting the owner of my gym to see if he would open up the training area for a half hour a day for a small group of women who would want to join me.  Otherwise my downstairs neighbor might get to hear me thumping around for about 1/2 hour a day.  

I also want to organize a biggest loser contest at work starting probably like Jan 14th ish (the Monday after inventory)   I already know some of my co-workers would be interested, I just have to convince my boss to let us add it to our "fun calendar."

BUUUUUT, until I start all of those things, I need to finish what I started in November/December. 

1.  Couch to 5k.:  Currently on Week 5 Day 3.  I'm dreading the 20 minute run and quite honestly I might have to break it up but I'm gonna go as long as I can before walking.

2.  Squats/Planks:  Once I got caught up, I immediately got three days behind.  Friday was a major cheat day followed by a total shit show downtown with the food reps.  Knowing all the bar owners is definitely a bad thing. 

After my cheat day on Friday, I got right back to it on Saturday.  This included making healthy choices at Olive Garden (she did WHAT?!?! yes, that's right.)  It was all about the portion control ladies. 

Off to do my squats. 

Happy Running,

Mrs. B