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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Big stuff is happening for me lately!  First, if you haven’t noticed I’ve been participating in the Fat Mum Slim Photo a day challenge.  I’ve not been super religious about it, but I try to get in each day’s picture.  I’m excited for the potential “album” I could have at the end of the year.  It’s also given me time to appreciate some of the “small things” in my life.  

I’ve also joined another gym.  Yep, ANOTHER one.  I didn’t just switch.  Crazy, No?   For the last year,  I’ve been going to a gym that’s close to work.   I really like that gym because its new and clean.  I get unlimited tanning (I know, I know…sue me),  access to massage chairs, and the cardio cinema.  The gym has all the essentials for a good work out.  One thing I love about is that they use the member’s dues to purchase new equipment.    There’s always something fun and exciting to use.  I worked with a trainer there for a while and she was really fantastic.  I know I’ve mentioned her before,  but since I stopped working with her I’ve really missed the accountability.  I text her every once in a while to tell her how I’m doing.  I still want her to be proud of me.  I also want her to know the courage that she’s given me to do some of the things I’ve done.  The rest of the staff is really friendly too.  It’s a small gym and a small community.  This gym has become my solitude for the last 8 months.  I’ve become emotionally attached.  One thing that it doesn’t offer though is fitness class.  There are some random group sessions that I can’t even seem to attend because they are at really bad times.  I really just wanted to be able to go to a Zumba class.  

There is another gym in town that has the classes. This gym is a little older but It’s really close to home.  As much as I love Gym #1, I hate driving there on my days off.  Sometimes I don’t go after work because I just need to eat dinner first or make sure the dog is let out.  There were also times that I couldn’t go because the hours at Gym #1 aren’t so great on the weekends.   Then I found a FREE ENROLLMENT coupon from gym #2 in the mail.  I HAD to check it out.   Long story short I hemmed and hawed for about a week but once I went for a tour, I was hooked.   This gym isn’t as new, but the options I have are fairly unlimited.   For $37 extra  a month I decided that it would be worth it to have two options of places to go.  I’ve spent most of my time at gym #2 just because I’ve been checking out all the classes but I went to Gym #1 on Tuesday because it fit better into my day.  I was reminded why I love it so much.  So I figured I was willing to pay both memberships.  I see it as an investment into my health.  If I break down each workout into an amount of money, it’s a little motivating too, since I don’t want to lose or waste money. 
So far I’ve tried Body Pump, Zumba, Werq and The Firm.   Body Pump was AWESOME and I can really see this helping me tone up and build more muscle to burn more fat.   Zumba was okay but not what I remembered from my previous experience.  The last time I went to a Zumba class, the instructor took it slow and taught the basics before each song.  I’ve never been extremely coordinated but this helped me.  At the new one, I was completely lost for entire class.  I might give it another chance sometime…but I’ve found the new  love of my life.  WERQ.  It’s also a dance fitness class that’s easy to follow with popular rock, hip hop and pop music.  It was recommended to me by an acquaintance.    We crossed paths a couple times at Gym #2 and she encouraged me to give it a shot.  I went last night and after one class, I am hooked.  A Werq-a-holic if I may.    The firm was also okay, a little boring but I know it would help with my goal of toning up.  Today I’m going to try Pilates.   

I’ve been trying to switch things up a lot because I’m really having a hard time getting out of the 200’s.  I’ve been going between 200 and 210 since I started this blog in October.  I’m not THAT discouraged because I’m still seeing changes in my body.  I just want to break the barrier SO bad.  I know a majority of the problem is me.  I’m really slacking on my diet.  The holidays were fairly rough, but lately I’ll eat well for a couple days, then cheat for 3 or four days.  It’s probably a miracle that I haven’t gained anything.   Obviously though, my goal is to lose.  I’d really like to get off another 15 lbs by my yearly doctor’s appointment in April.  I can’t wait to talk to my doctor about all the progress I’ve made and maybe get some advice from a medical professional.   

With the new gym and classes I didn’t want to become side tracked from my goal of completing the couch to 5K.  Today I will run my last workout of the program.  I don’t want to stop but I haven’t mastered the 5K yet.  I know that I can keep running a half hour or so about three times a week and that would be the same as the scheduled workouts.  I know though that if I don’t have an immediate reason to do it, I probably won’t.
 SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, drum roll please…I’m doing something I NEVER thought I would do.  I found a 5K to run in.  It’s at a local park and the registration fee’s go towards supporting the zoo in town and its operations.  I’m all for supporting local venues and making my town a better place to live.  It’s on March 2.  Eekk! Less than a month away.  I just keep imagining how I’m going to feel when I cross the finish line.  That is enough motivation to keep running for the next month.  I WILL finish that 5K.  I might be that last one to cross the finish line, but I will finish!  Right now I’m running about a 14 minute mile.  I just need to work up my endurance for that last mile and run outside a couple times to get used to the differences.    The best part is that I’m going to do it with my sisters.  They enjoy running and I am finally joining the fun. 
Until next time,
Happy Running!
Mrs. B.

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